How a Landscape Can be Built Using Old Cars

Building a Landscape with Trash?  Yes, we have been doing it for over 2 decades.

Although this may evoke repulsive reactions, the reality of reusing raw materials in the landscape is a necessary and useful component in our designs.

Consider, for example, the use of  “impact posts”.   These are made from the raw materials of junk vehicles,  that are not metallic in nature.  When old cars are processed for their metal, all other non-magnetic elements, are collected and processed into recycled timbers which will never rot or deteriorate.  The elements in an impact post comprise of steering wheels, dashboards, copper wire, upholstery, etc.   This is all shredded and then formed into 6 by 6 heavy posts.  Impact posts have an interesting aesthetic appeal, and blend well into the landscape.

The scrap auto industry may seem out of context in terms of gardening, however, Rising Land Design has found huge value in bringing scraped vehicles to life by extrapolating otherwise unusable raw resources, and creating something fresh.

Scrap tires are another huge component of the automotive scrap industry

There’s a great local Alberta producer which is creating bricks from used rubber tires.   The tires are shredded and molded into paving stones. These bricks are 100% recycled and create a very interesting product that never chips, or fades, is safe for children, and is easy to maintain.

Custom Rubber Tire Patio and Composite Wood Decking

Reducing, reusing, and recycling  all play an operative role in the creation of our designs.  

Designing a landscape to help reduce waste,  processing and reusing raw materials on site, and incorporating recycled materials into our projects, are all vital aspects of our work and actually contributes to a better and sustainable landscape.    Trash can become renewed, and even beautiful, when we choose to see the value of raw components,  and transform them.